Coin Collection


Hello and welcome to my coin collection website!

The URL of the site is due to the fact that I started my collection when I was living in Paraguay; but currently I live in Germany.

I collect World coins by type and mintmark, with special interest on european coins, WWII and military occupations. In these pages you will be able to see my coin collection and pictures of the coins. If you would to know more about coins, banknotes or numismatics in general, just send me an email (using the contact form) and I'll be happy to help you. Swaps and trades are welcome!

In order to see my numismatic collection or to move around the website use the navigation menu.

The featured coins you see below change on a weekly basis


Paraguay, 5 Centavos 1903 (KM #6) Chile, 10 Centesimos 1971 (KM #194) France, 5 Euro Cent 1999 (KM #1284)
Argentina, 5 Pesos 1977 (KM #73) Germany (Weimar), 50 Pfennig 1921 (KM #27) Estonia, 5 Krooni 1994 (KM #30)

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